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How we build a strong relationships with our clients 


At Landrich Group, our relationships with our clients is key. It’s a decisive element allowing us to provide the best services to advance health care through clinical research and improve the lives of patients. 


Our talented and highly skilled team knows that each client is different and will create a unique experience tailored to our clients needs.

We care about their needs as they are our own and make sure to supply the right tools and resources to help them reach their goals while maintaining industry and regulatory standards. 


As a company, we make sure to go over all parties' expectations to ensure trust and transparency in the relationships we build. 


We are proud to receive such positive feedback from our clients. It shows that choosing to build strong relationships is crucial for a project to succeed. 


Please read what Kalavati Bhashyam, Former Vice President of

Products at Harmonic Bionics, Inc. has to say about our work together : 


"Tina came very highly recommended to us at a time when we were looking for someone to help us navigate the regulatory requirements on investigational devices, support us in the preparation of a GCP compliant documentation system as a Sponsor and Investigational Site and submit our own clinical study protocol with an independent IRB. 

No one in the company had prior experience in navigating any of this! Tina was fantastic – she was very practical in establishing the regulatory requirements that our company was obligated to. She was also very flexible in helping us adapt a process for the preparation and review of our documentation while staying within our budget. She has tremendous attention to detail, a very high work ethic, and incredible dedication to assisting you achieve your goals. She also has a very talented staff augmenting her expertise to provide a well-rounded team for your clinical project." 


If you wish to learn more about how we work and our services, please contact us here :

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